“I was out to a restaurant on my late step daughter’s birthday who passed away in 2013 from leukemia at the age of 10.  In her honor I did a random act of kindness and paid for the people next to us eating dinner.  The waitress then gave me one of your cards.  Such an awesome project! Love it!”

“I received a You Are Loved card when I helped someone find minced garlic in the grocery store.  I was taken aback and it made me feel so wonderful that I want to do the same to others.  One stranger helping another.  The way it should be, but not found often in this world.”

“My daughter almost passed from depression 3 weeks ago and the day it happened I was handed “you are loved” it seriously impacted me it was just what I needed!! “

“I received a card from one of my yoga students. I was so touched, I cannot wait to share your intention with others. Changing lives one at a time…”

“We live in a community wrought with drugs, prostitution, poverty, mental illness, suicide, and loneliness. […] We’re only a small group of people but we’re determined to change this community for the better. Thank you for helping us achieve that goal!”

“Thank you for doing this. I’m in the UK and we definitely need these messages – our society is falling apart. I hope I can spread a little positivity with these cards.”

“This is my third time re-ordering and loving the experience of passing these wonderful cards out!!!!”

“This is such a beautiful project in a time when there is so much anger and separation between people. Thank you!”

“In this world of negativity, this a rainbow.”

“There’s been so much judgement and hate recently, and this is definitely a way to promote positivity and bring communities together.  Can’t wait to hand them out to people who need a smile.  Thanks so much!!”

“Thanks for the ‘Pass It On’ cards.  They are fabulous!  I enjoyed passing them on day to day in ordinary and extraordinary situations and places with family, friends, and strangers.  Thanks for sharing and spreading joy!”

“I received a you are loved card on a day that changed my life forever. This card gave me hope! You are beautiful for making these cards available.”

“I work with teen and early 20 something girls and guys on empowerment. We explore beauty, fashion and health. I am excited to share these beautiful cards with the people I come in contact with.”

“Thank you for making this project! I work at a comic book store and a customer handed one of these cards to me which made my day. I would love to have these on hand and give them to the many people I see through my days here that could definitely use the encouragement and would appreciate something so positive handed to them.”

“I am working with a variety of kids of different ages and think these cards would be amazing to get to distribute to them, especially those affected by Bullying.”

“We own a small family farm that sells goat milk. A customer of two years left a “you are loved” card just before she moved out of state expressing [her] appreciation.”

“I think this is such a great way to spread positive energy into the world. When I received this card it truly made my day.”