Welcome to You are Loved – Pass It On

Patty M Simon started an art movement where YOU can spread Love and Inspiration around the world to family, friends or strangers.

This project started a few years ago when I was attending a retreat and realized that love and compassion are key to contentment, happiness and world peace. I realized love can be overlooked, viewed as cliche, and not taken seriously. In a fast-paced world, it can be forgotten. I wondered, if people actually took the feeling of love and compassion in, what would happen? I hoped it could start a chain reaction around the world.

My cards have traveled the world. They have been given to people in over 60 countries. They have been translated into many languages. They have been used in schools through teachers and counselors. They have been used by therapists and yoga instructors. College students have taken them on semesters abroad.

Feel the love and good feeling from the card you received! Then  order more FREE cards. Choose from available designs and then give me the quantity you want and your mailing address. Then, when they arrive, simply give the cards to friends and family or leave one somewhere where another person can find it.